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Are Quotes Free?   Yes they are.

How do I recognize a Green product?   Products marketed as green, may have natural fibres and materials, but often the resins, glues, and finishes may gas off formaldehyde or other gases, that make air quality compromised. Also keep in mind that some  products are made using green energy sources, where others are not. Do some research on the manufacturer's website for more details on the  contents & process of the product in question!

Is the 3D Design Service additional?    It is included with the service once the job is confirmed. We will provide design & layout recommendations and sketches where required, once the project is confirmed and before any work is initiated.

Who pays for job materials?    In most projects the cost of materials are paid for by ODHI within the cost of the job.  They are jointly selected and can be jointly purchased.  Materials are delivered to the home.  In some types of renovations the appliances and/or fixtures like taps and tubs can be left off the quote, and purchased separately by the customer. ODHI will provide advice and information in this case.

How are projects paid for?    After discussion of needs and the approval of the cost, a contract will be signed by both parties, with clearly defined milestone payments (3-6 payments) including a small percentage deposit. 

Will a permit be required?    Every job is different. For example; if the renovation is structural in nature, opens the house to the exterior, encroaches on property lines, or affects area drainage flow, a permit is required. 

Do you Warranty your Work?   Yes, for two years on our workmanship. Materials and installed products, will warranteed by the manufacturer of those products, where applicable.

How Long will the job take?   This varies greatly by the scope of each job. A typical 800 ft basement renovation with a 2-piece bathroom, media room, main trades work, drywall, flooring, trim & paint, will take between 4-6 weeks. Where a complete master ensuite replacement with new ceramic walk-in shower, with air-jet tub and floors takes between 12-18 days. The complexity of the details, such as removal of old ceramic, and adding a gas fireplace, or opening up the staircase adds to the duration... and the great end result!

Will the agreed to price change at the end?  No. If the client wishes to make alterations or changes in mid-project the cost may change. Also on some occasions the walls, floors or ceiling is removed to expose an unforseen mold, decay, or inefficiency in prior workmanship. We will then discuss what is required to set things right and solve the issue. This is rare but can occurr.

Other Questions...?    Just call or email; Steve orleansrenovations@gmail.com, or 613-371-0758.


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